Thursday, January 12, 2006


Ok, I know I said I wasn’t going to start bloggin again on a regular basis, but I’m having this lil fit of inspiration (more like a moment of procrastination). So I’m sitting here at work and no matter how hard I’m trying to stay focused and get some much needed work done, I started checking emails and ended up reading a few blogs even played a few games of Tetris. Gibby's Rant blog was my inspiration to write today. I like the way that brutha keeps it REAL. So here’s another blog entry for the new year.

One of my resolutions for this year (please note that I NEVER make New Year Resolutions), is to stay focused at work and GET my work done. Sure I do the bare minimum to keep things going but I could be so far ahead of the game if I could just stay focused. No instant messenger chatting, no checking emails, no paying bills, no talking on the phone (personal calls), no idle chit chatting with co-workers, no going to my car to take a nap (now that’s some shit but I know I’m not the only one who has ever done it, yall stop playin), no surfin the internet, no leaving work to get a piece of ask me no questions and I tell you no lies. Come on now. This shit has gotta stop. Ain’t nothing godly about being unproductive on your job and still getting paid. The bible says render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s. Bottom-line is if I owned this business I would be PISSSSSSSSTED if my workers were talking some of the same liberties I have afforded to myself. Yeah I ultimately get the job done cuz after all “I MAKE IT DO WHAT IT DO”. But I seriously need to get past this “ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER DOLLAR” mentality. Can’t keep doing the same things and expecting different results.

That simple lil principle applies to every area of our lives. If we want something different in our lives then we need to start practicing something different. So I’m not sure when I will be back but PRAY for a brutha that I can keep the pedal to the metal.

Yall have a good one. It's ANOTHER DAY!!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Happy New You!!!

I know, I know, I know yall wanna know where the HELL have I been? Well thank God I haven’t been there (Hell that is). But I feel like I have been thru it. Like sistah Brownsoul said in one of her entries, I had to take a BLOG BREAK (BB). I just needed to focus on some other things and I will continue to focus on those things but I wanted to at least reach out and touch you all and wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Well… Let the Church say amen….. I have missed reading so many of your blog and I would love to play catch up but time will not allow me to do that. Congrats to Brutha Starr for making his Trek to the UK. I’m going next time and that’s a promise. Congrats to Sistah Foxworth (and yeah he's STILL a dude) for his one year blogaversary. Go check his blog out he posted a pic OMG… OMG…. And Congrats to Sistah Brownsoul who graduated from college and landed her first job.

So much more that I would like to share but I cain’t so I ain’t.

Except, I did want to share something that has helped me thus far in this New Year. I heard a sermon on New Year’s Day that suggested that in order to have a Happy New Year, you first of all have to have a Happy New You. He concluded that the way to have a happy new you is:

1. By giving yourself to the Lord (present your bodies as living sacrifices).
2. By renewing your mind (let this mind be in you that was also in Chirst
3. By yielding to the Will of the Savoir (Not my will but yours be done).

I learned that you can’t present your body until you renew your mind because your MIND controls your BODY. And you can’t renew your Mind until you get into the will of God because our will is opposed to Gods will. I've been working on this process and so far its been lets just say "INTERESTING".

Well I have to get back to work. But Read Romans 12. Be blessed!!! Be Safe and have a HAPPY NEW YOU!!!!

Friday, November 11, 2005


One of my favorite songs growing up in church was “WE COME THIS FAR BY FAITH”. And my favorite part of the song was singing “Oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh, can’t turn around”, we come this far by faith.
I was reminded of that song the other night while driving home from work talking to my good friend Brutha Starr on the cellie. We were just talking about life and all the shyt that goes on in it. I told him if I could only go back change some things in 2002 I wonder what my life would be like now. And he started singing that song as only he can do and he emphasize “CAN’T TURN AROUND”.

Events take place in our lives at certain times that we often wish we could go back and change or do differently (DO OVER). The assumption is that if we could just change that one event or circumstance or behavior or whatever the hell it is, it would change the course and destiny of our lives. But the reality (as Brutha Starr so stated) is we “CAN’T TURN AROUND”. Yeah, I like so many of us, got some stuff in my past that I wish I would have done differently. While I have not parked there nor have I allowed those things to paralyze me, I do often wonder what things would be like if I made some different (smarter) decisions in my past.

Well as I look at it, I am who I am because of all that I have gone through. The good the bad and the ugly and when it’s all said and done I am where I’m supposed to be in life. And I know that I did in fact get “this far by faith leaning on the Lord and trusting in his Holy word cuz he’s NEVER failed me yet”. I have not always done what the Lord wanted me to do I have not always made the best decisions but “Oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh CAN’T TURN AROUND” so I’m going to keep moving forward knowing that the Lord is still ordering my steps and I just….


Monday, November 07, 2005


As much as have to admit that my daughter is 4 sho a daddy’s girl, I gotta also admit that I am just as much a mamma’s boy. Maybe it’s because I’m her baby. Yeah, that’s it!!!!

Well yesterday we had our regular family meeting at momz house to discuss family business and handle some upcoming financial issues. It’s far from the soul food Sundays we use to have at momz before she closed the kitchen. Because of her age she doesn’t cook those big Sunday dinners we use to have. Now we end up bring some KFC over and eat a piece of chicken and a biscuit and call it a day.

Dad’s been gone now for over 30 years. I was a just a young kid when he died and Momz didn’t miss a beat. She raised 6 children ages 18 to 9 with no husband. She never remarried and I think I was almost in college before she even started dating someone. Devoted to her family and church this saintly take not shit from anybody lil old lady is definitely one tough cookie.

As we sat at her the table and talk about our plans for thanksgiving and identified who was going to bring what, I remembered a time when all we did was show up for thanksgiving. It’s really hard seeing your parents get old. But I thank God that she is still here with us. At almost 80 years old she’s still driving and handling hers. And that which she can’t do she has enough children and grandchildren to do it for her.

I looked at her as she gleamed with the reality that all her kids (minus one) were sitting at the table in almost the same places we sat as kids. She thanks us for coming over to take care of “YOUR DEAR OLD MOM”. No Mom, thank you for being the rock that you are.


Saturday, November 05, 2005


I went back and read my last post. Damn a brutha was a lil down huh? Well not any more. Just as an update, no I didn't call anymore but I did get a call. Yeah I punked out and took the call but it was ALL GOOD, cuz it really confirmed what I was beginning to feel and that is that there is no need to waste anymore more time or energy or thought on this one. So I'm moving right the hell along.

Ok somebody help me out with this one. My 16 year old daughter who is in the 11th grade (not a senior mind you) went to her homecoming dance tonight. So of course she had to get her hair done I paid $65.00 (WHAT IN THE HELL) then of course she had to have a new outfit (momz paid for that), but here the real trippy part. She and her girlfriends decided they were all going to go together. So why did they have a champaign (sparkling Cider that I had to pick up on the way) reception at one of the girls house AND a limo to pick them up and take them to a flippin HOMECOMING DANCE (WHAT IN THE HELL). I think I caught the bus to my homecoming game and dance. So I ask the other parents (Moms) "what are yall going to do when these girls go to the prom, rent a Helicopter and get them hotel suites"? WHAT IN THE HELL its a homecoming dance. Am I missing something here?

Anyway, why is my baby girl all grown up and looking like a women. Damn she was so beautiful tonight and all I could do was sit there and admire her in silence as all the moms fussed over their duaghters and took picture. Wait.... it was a flippin photo shoot.... GOD I'm old.

Well as only my baby girl can do, she saw me sitting and came over and sat in my lap as she has done on so many occasions and for those few mintues I had my lil girl again. I whispered in her ear "You are gorgeous", she smile and put her thumb up something on she and I do and understand. I drove home thinking how blessed I am.

For that I say.... ITS ALL GOOD....

Thursday, November 03, 2005


Today I just feel like talking. Don’t really want to make a point or anything like that. Just got some shit on my mind. Remember I “ANNOUNCED the other day that I had a date? Well we actually met the week before and this just happened to be our first real date. The date went quite well as did our initial meeting. We made a pretty nice connection with wonderful conversation; we have this kindred spirit, and just on overall really great vibe. Not to mention, we had some really nice NON-SEXUAL (well kinda sorta non-sexual) contact. We kissed and embraced and what not but it was clear that it was not going to lead to intercourse. There was what I would call a genuine respect for one another. DAMN that was rare, especially for me, but appreciated nonetheless.

The majority of our conversation (believe it or not) was about the Lord and our perspective ministries. Talk about being on one accord. I’m like really enjoying this connection. We talk on the phone every day there after 3 and 4 times a day (morning, noon and night). That good conversation, the kind were there are no down moments, the kind where you have to force yourself to get off the phone. So I’m really feeling this like for real I could get into this.

Not wanting to rush into anything, you know I just got out of a relationship, I decided to be honest and share that bit of information. This is who I am, this is what I'm about and this is what I’m looking for etc… etc… etc… Cool the connection was strengthened by the acceptance and appreciation for my honesty (so it was said). So we continue to talk as was the case prior to this revelation and its on now... I’m getting a little hooked and just enjoying this developing friendship/potential future relationship when all of a sudden, bam.... disconnected. Can’t even tell you what happened. Nothing was said, no argument (except when I confronted the disconnection), just all of a sudden, the 3 and 4 call a day went to once a day and that was me making the call and the once easy conversations are now strained. I’m like WTF just happened here? And still no answer, no explanation.

Today I made my last call. I have tossed the ball in the other court. Just a disconnected connection!!! Go figure….

Friday, October 28, 2005


We hear it all the time, “The truth shall set your free”. I taught my children to not lie but rather “tell the truth”. But I have found that sometimes the truth can get you into trouble. Hell, sometimes the truth hurts. So I ask, is telling the truth always a good thing? I don’t know you tell me.

There’s that all time famous line in the movie A FEW GOOD MEN, which says “YOU WANNA KNOW THE TRUTH, YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH. Damn… now that’s for real.

I found that there are 224 occurrences of the word truth the bible. In fact, Jesus said “I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE”. So there’s gotta be something about this TRUTH thing. I can accept that.

But have you ever had someone who knows you pretty well begin to share with you what could be defined as the truth (about yourself) or at least the truth as they see it? Well that shit happened to me this weekend and for the life of me it pissssssted me (the you know what) off. Now here’s the thing. I got mad but in reality that shit made me think also.

Just because someone voices their opinion about you doesn’t mean it’s the truth it’s just their opinion. But what if that shit is right? Do we see ourselves as others see us? Do we even want to know what others see or think of us? Is it arrogant to just conclude “I On’t Care” in this regard?

It wasn’t a bad thing that was shared with me but it suggested that I’m not as in touch with “SELF” as I may think I am. It suggested that I tend to talk a good game but the walk can be rather shaky. I thought to myself, hell isn’t that everyone? I don’t know. But I do know this, and it’s the only truth I need to know is that is that I’m saved, sanctified and filled with the spirit of GOD and that God loves me and that he yet has a wonderful plan for my life. That’s all the truth I need. All that other stuff gets sorted out on this journey called life.

And that’s the TRUTH…


It’s Friday and I do so look forward to the weekends. Not just because I don’t have to come to work for 2 days, but I get a chance to "BREATHE" (thanks RED now update your damn blog).

I’m at that point in life where the minutes have started turning into hours and the hours days and the days weeks and the weeks months and the months years. It seems like it was just yesterday I was looking for a job and now I can’t wait to retire from one.

But as I make it through each day I’m reminded that it’s “JUST ANOTHER DAY THAT THE LORD HAS KEPT ME”. Here we are facing the end of 2005 and I’m asking myself some question.

1) Where in the HELL did the time go?
2) Have I used my time this year wisely?
3) Have I learned anything new this year?
4) Did I touch someone’s life in a positive way?
5) Has my life been touched in a positive way?

There is a passage of scripture that says “See then that you walk circumspectly, not as foolish men but as wise men. Redeeming the time for the DAYS are evil”. With mothers throwing their babies off of bridges into the ocean to die, we know that we are indeed living in evil days. So what do we do in the midst of these evil days? The bible says, redeem the time. How the HELL can you buy back time? Glad you asked, the only way to make up for lost time of yesterday/year is to make the most of every opportunity that God places before you today. Why? Because…. This is JUST ANOTHER DAY and because it is another day it is a fact that the LORD has kept you.

Yall have a blessed weekend. Go to church and praise the Lord and remember to take advantage of everything that the Lord places before you.

Thank GOD that this is “JUST ANOTHER DAY”!!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2005


The song says “It’s a new season, it’s a new day, a special anointing is coming your way”. As I sit here and reflect on these words and their nuances (thanks Starr) and their meaning to my own life, all I can say is “AMEN to that”. It is indeed a new season and as is the case with new seasons it’s also a chance for new opportunities.

Old things are passed away and all things are new. I’m reminded as I look at the leaves changing and falling from the trees making room for new growth (i.e. new opportunities) that that’s what happens in our lives. Have you ever taken a branch and cut it off of a tree? The branch and the leaves die but the leaves don’t fall off the tree. They just stay attached and whither. Botanist tells us that it’s the sap in the tree that flows through the branches to push off the leaves at just the right time of year. And as long as that branch stays connected to the source (the tree), even though it may loose some leaves, another season is on its way and it is a time of new growth. And that’s what God does in our lives.

So the next time when some shit is being moved outta your life (said in good LTCSA fashion), don’t be impatient, just realize that you are in a new season. Stay connected to the source (God) and watch him move some stuff out and bring some new things in. And after while and by and by (as they say in the Baptist church) the new growth will spring up.

Well that’s ma sermon for today. “WALK INTO YOUR SEASON”….


I gotta date tonight….


Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Last week I was forced to stop and reflect on the last two years of my life when I received a phone call from my mother advising me that my 20 year old nephew had been rushed to the hospital and was about to undergo an emergency surgery. While it was a fairly routine procedure, it was still surgery nonetheless. Now, what makes this situation even more sensitive for me and my family is the fact that two years ago we lost our 43 year old brother (son, father, uncle, cousin and friend) to this very same condition.

How is it that a healthy 43 year old man “WALKS” into a emergency room in the year 2003, complaining of a pain in his side and feeling nauseous but is sent home 3 times with various medications (laxatives) and never checked for an appendicitis? On his 4th visit to that same emergency room, barely able to stand, a doctor walks past him and says by looking at him alone, “THIS MAN HAS A RUPTURED APPENDIX, GET HIM INTO SURGERY IMMEDIATELY”.

He survived the surgery, although he was very weak but he was conscious that next morning. The surgeon explained to us that his appendix had in fact ruptured and every major organ in his body was covered with the poison from it. Said that they removed the ruptured appendix and cleaned him out as best they could. But for the next 48 yours we sat by his bedside in shifts and watched every vital organ within his body shut down. Every time we heard them call “CODE BLUE, CODE BLUE”, we’d rush to the ICU doors to watch them running into my brother’s room to resuscitate him again and again. After about 7 or 8 code blues in a 16 hour period, he finally gave up the fight. He was gone.

We all know that death is a part of life, and for this family of believers we have learned to not park at the grave but rather in the face of death to mourn and then to get up and move ahead and be about our fathers business.

Emotionally, I took a trip back to the grave this past week. I was angry and frustrated as if were yesterday and I found myself saying as I had on so many occasions, “THEY KILLED MY BROTHER”. I asked again why him, why not me? Then I was reminded again that God and God alone is the giver and taker of life. He is sovereign. I began to thank God for the 41 years I was able to share with my brother and I thanked him that my nephews surgery went well and that he is released from the hospital and recuperating just fine. “LIFE” gave us a lemon and as hard and as sour as it was, we squeezed it added a little sugar and some ice and enjoyed a refreshing glass of lemonade.

It is a difficult things but it is what it is. That’s “LIFE”

In memory of J.W.S, I love you Bro……

Thursday, October 20, 2005


I received a call the other day and the person on the other end of the line said, “GOD MUST REALLY BE MAD AT US”. She said with all the natural disasters, tsunamis, earthquakes and hurricanes etc… God’s gotta be mad. I thought about it for a while. I thought if I was God, hell yeah I would be pissssted off at this world.

But the fact that we are still here and God is a God of his word, I concluded, NAW… God’s not MAD. In fact I don’t ever want to really see God get mad.

I think about my kids and how they have at times pisssted me off and yeah I had to get in their asses but I did it because I loved them and the reality is that I only wanted what was best for them and to build character in them. And that’s what I believe God is doing. Sometimes he just has to get our attention.

Isn’t it amazing the thing that will happen to make an entire nation/world stop and recognized that God is God and he’s God all by himself.

He’s not trying to Hurt us, he’s trying to Help us.

He’s not trying to Destroy us, he’s trying to Develop us.

He’s not trying to Burden us, he’s trying to Bless us.

IS GOD MAD? Naw… he’s not and that fact alone should make us GLAD.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Praise the Lord Saints. It’s good to be in the house one more time. Welcome to our mid-week noon service. Its hump day all around the world. The middle of the week when you know you need to get a lot of work done cuz the last two day you have been recuperating from the past weekend and the next two days you will be preparing for the coming weekend. Hence Wednesdays is typical work your ass off day. This my brothas and sistahs is what we call a JOB.

Sometime ago I got an email with a video attached that was called “Slap your co-worker Day”. Well today is one of those days that I really want to slap the shit out of a co-worker. It’s been building for quite sometime. Sometimes when someone is getting on your last nerve you just want to slap the shit out of them, but instead I want to encourage you to just BLESS THEM.

First, she checks the computer to follow-up on my status and then informs me that she was looking at my data. When asked why she said to see who has the worst stats in our group. Then she said “CONGRATULATIONS, YOU WON”. And I said (to myself) Bless you…

Next, she comes into my office and says, “OH YOUR WORKING”, to which I response of course I am what did you expect? She said, “I THOUGHT YOU’D BE PLAYING GAMES”. And I said (to myself) Bless you…

Finally, (not that this is all that she has done but it’s the last one I want to share), I was leaving early yesterday and she stood by the door, looked at her watch, raised an eyebrow as to say, “Where do you think you are going?”, and that’s when “BLESS you” was out the door and I really wanted to slap the ever loving shit out of her…

When Bless you no longer works go ahead and slap the shit outta her/his ass….

At least that’s what I wanted to do.


We are praying again for Sistah brownsoul who is seeking employment and who has several interviews lined up. Go make that cheddar…

We are praying for Brotha RED who has been a bit under the weather.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Ok today’s Sermon is entitled, WHAT IN THE HELL? I stole this little inspiration from Foxybrown (side note: Foxybrown is a DUDE. In spite of the fact that I always referred to him as Sistah Foxworth, make no mistakes, brothaman is ALL MAN.) Ok are you happy now, I set the record straight (speaking to Foxy of course). As I was saying, I got this inspiration for today’s little talk from Foxybrown’s “WHY WEDNESDAYS” show.

Here goes:
I make a decent amount of money, but yesterday had to drive 20 + miles to pick up a check and another 30 miles in the opposite direction to deposit that check to catch some other checks before they bounced and then 30 miles back home. Gas is $3.09 a gallon.
What in the Hell?

I can’t stand cigarette smoke, but I went out the other night with the homies and smoked an entire cigar and woke up the next morning with a headache so bad I couldn’t go to work (not to mention the nasty taste it left in my mouth).
What in the Hell?

I came home the other night at almost 1 in the morning bumping my radio so loud that my roommate had to come out and tell me to turn it down, cuz once I parked I decided I was going to just sit in the car and finish listening to what I was listening to.
What in the Hell?

Last one!!!
I went to go drop something off the other night, got out of my car and the door closed slightly behind me. Came back to the car only to discover that the door was locked, engine running, head light on. Again, gas is $3.09 a gallon.

Let the church say:
What in the Hell?

Monday, October 17, 2005


Today I am reminded that no matter what come my way, God has been true to his word and he has never failed me but has ALWAYS provided a way of escape. No I have not had the best life, but I thank God that it has been far from the worst.

I was on my way to church yesterday morning and while driving, I returned Brother Starr’s wake up call that morning. And as we shared about how good God is we both concluded that in spite of things we go through in life, “It is WELL with our souls”. That thought resonated within me throughout that day and to this very moment.

One of the best things about God is that his mercy and grace endureth forever. It’s not based or contingent upon how good we are, how holy we act, how righteous we pretend, but it just is.

I’m not living the most perfect life, BUT, “It is well with my soul”.

I don’t do everything I should, BUT, “It is well with my soul”.

I don’t make the kind of money I would like, BUT, “It is well with my soul”.

I’m not consistent in the things of God, BUT, “It is well with my soul”.

Doesn’t mean that I’m going to settle with where I am and get comfortable, but at the same time I’m not going to complain because…

It is well, it is well, it is well…. WITH MY… SOUL.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Welcome to another exciting time at LTCSA (the ODD church with the REAL flavor). Today your Pastor aint feelin shyt (sorry), but that’s just how I feel. Have you ever felt that way? My good dear friend and regular attending church member Brother STARR has a saying that no one can say like he does and if I may, I’d like to borrow it from him today. “I DON’T CARE”. But you really have to hear the way HE says it to get the full effect. It’s more like “I on’t care”. The “I” and the “don’t” sorta run together so the D is dropped and its “I ON’T Care”. Try it… I on’t care…

Damnit, I have to do announcements first. Today’s announcements are as follows:

A big congratulation goes out to Sistah Foxworth of the FoxyBrown Show. She just landed a new gig and is now making some phat cheese so let’s wish Foxy well in her new endeavors. I expect the tithes and offering as well as my LOVE offering to go up. Let the Church Say Amen….. TYNAS Mo Money…

Brother Starr is GOING To London in December to do some out reach ministry with our brother Muffin who is living there now. Let’s wish him God’s speed on his trip. And let’s pray that the Pastor gets his Passport and ticket in time to meet Brother Starr there.

Sick in Shut in

We are asking special prayer for one of our new member Sistah Brownsoul who busted her leg yesterday morning while watching MTV and listening and dancing to Black Eyed Peas' new video, "My Humps". In lieu of cards and visits, sistah Brownsoul is requesting that members please close all the dresser drawers when shaking their asses to the latest Hip Hop tunes. Drop it like it’s hot. Yeah…. that’s all I’ma say on that one too….

Ok now back to the SERMON at hand.

Yesterday was one of those days that I just didn’t give a shyt about nothing. I know that this is only a temporary thing that we sometimes go through but this time it caused me to reflect on some issues in my life that I’m not happy with. And as I looked at them I concluded, “I’ On’t Care”. What is it that I don’t care about? Glad you asked….

1) That I’m a year older and getting closer to being a half a Century (5 to 50).

2) That I have gain 20 + pounds and although I’ve been hittin and missin it at the gym they are not coming off as fast as they use to.

3) That I can’t eat any and everything I want and not have to pay for it later.

4) That in the last 3 years I have been in 3 different relationships each lasting about a year and I’m now single again and dreading the whole dating scene.

5) That I have a great job/career that pays well but I’m tired of doing the kind of work I do. I want to do something different but don’t quite know what.

Well, the list goes on and on but you get the idea. It’s not that we really don’t care, but until we decide to do something about the things that frustrate or bother us, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to sit up and worry about that shyt and let it drive you to an early grave. Hence, I On’t care. Well as Sistah Foxworth would say “I AM WHO I AM” (and in my case) I PASTOR WHAT I PASTOR.

If something is really bothering you and you can’t do nothing about it, just take a real good look at yourself in the mirror and say “I ON’T CARE”.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I remember when I was 12 but I wanted to be 13. I finally got there but the only way I made it was “ONE DAY AT A TIME”.

I remember when I was in Jr. High School but I wanted to be in High School. I finally got there but the only way I made it was “ONE DAY AT A TIME”.

From High School to College, from College to Parenthood from Parenthood to Career from Career to Marriage from Marriage to Ministry from Ministry to where I am, the only way I have gotten here is “ONE DAY AT A TIME”.

We’re suppose to be anxious for nothing but with prayer and supplication we’re to make our request made known to the Lord. It’s not that he doesn’t already know, but we need to know that we have asked him and are seeking his blessings.

I’m reminded that there is not much that I have wanted and have not received. Well at least in terms of things that I needed. God has never let me down. I have achieved a lot and in spite of desire for immediate gratification, things have always come in Gods own time.

I’m still learning to take things “ONE DAY AT A TIME”

Monday, October 03, 2005

First Give An Honor to God…

Welcome once again to “Let the Church Say Amen”. Today we are going to have a special testimony service. We are going to hear from some of our members about the goodness of God.

Well I see that the Ex-First Laydee is back let’s hear from her.

Ex-First Laydee: Thank you honey, I mean Pastor. It is a blessing to be here this morning and I just want to thank and praise the Lord that the Pastor still allows me to come ova and spend that night with him.

Pastor: Hold up Ex-First Laydee, that too much information.

Ex-First Laydee: Saree Pastor, well I just wanted to say that God has been good to me. Yall know I been outta work and soon after I lost my job the Pastor put me out. Sorry…. And then I had some legal problems and some other financial difficulties, just seems like one thing after another. But I stand here today, hallelujah, to tell you that GOD is truly good. He has blessed me with a place of my own. I have paid my car note and my rent and I have a new job. Thank you Jesus…. Not only that but I have recently audition for a part and I got accepted for the roll. Yall pray my strength in the Lord.

Thank you Sistah First Laydee. Now we will hear from the wanna be First Laydee. Sistah Foxworth.

Sistah Foxworth: Blessings to all of Gods chilrin. Now yall know I don’t come to Church every Sunday cuz I’m busying cumming somewhere else. Oops did I say that? What I had meant to say was that I have been real busy hosting my show. But I had to come and tell yall that God aint no joke and he’s got my back. See I’m suppose to be in jail, shhhhhh don't tell nobody. But God kept the MAN off my back (Mmmm...) and I stand here free (I’m Free). It was just a little misunderstanding but the Lord is clearing thangs up as we speak. I want to thanks all of you who marched for me in your Free Foxy Brown T-Shirts. The Lord bless you and keep you is my prayer and I want yall to keep me in your prayers. Free Foxy... Free Foxy...

Thank you sistah Foxworth. I see Brutha Starr is making another appearance Lets hear from him.

The Starr: I’m just thankful to see yet another year and celebrate another year on the face of this earth. I woke up and decided to meet the Lord first thing in the morning on my birthday. Its something about that early morning worship. What I am thankful for is life and family and friends but most of all how I can see the hand of the Lord at work in my life. See the things I use to do and say and feel, I don’t do that anymore. God in his own way is growing me up and for that I say “LORD I THANK YOU”…

We are going to have just a few more….

Brotha Red: Well I don’t like to do a whole lotta talkin except when I’m you know…. well that’s for another time. But I just want to say that I feel a blessing coming on. I’m starting to move out of my comfort zone and stretch forth into new territories. I'm coming out I tell you, I’m coming out. And for those of you who want to see me come out join me, I will be debuting as a DJ this weekend yall pray I put it DOWN.

Well I see that the LTCSA Hotline is ringing. Hello, hello Brutha Pastor, yes, this is Mr Muffin for London and I heard yall were having a testimony service and I just wanted to call in and add my 2 cents. Well lets hear from Brutha Muffin.

Brutha Muffin: I just wanted to thank God first of all for this opportunity and this new assignment here in London. I miss all my peeps back in the states but I know I will be seeing yall real soon when you come to visit. I’m getting settled in and I thank God for helping me to find a place and to adjust. Now yall hurry up and come see me.

Our final testimony today will be from Brutha A.Happy.

Brutha A. Happy: Well you know, I have truly been blessed. I mean God is really opening up doors for me. I finished my internship this summer and I’m back in school for my final C-mester working on my Master’s degree. Now yall know that’s a blessing. Aint too many Brother doing that, but I can’t take credit for it I gotz ta give props to the man upstairs. I had a hellofa summer working and working it. Now its back to work. Well that’s all I gotz ta say.

In closing, I just want to say, sometimes you gotta just STOP and say Thank you Lord. WE get so busy in life that sometimes we forget to thank the one who is the giver of life. So today I say LORD I THANK YOU for everything. My children, my family, my friends my home, my job, and my life as raggedy as it may be its mine and I'm thankful for it. When was the last time you just said THANK YOU. Try it... Thanks goes a long way.

Until next time, Let the Chruch say amen...

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Practice What You Preach

Ok its Saturday night and typically I stay home (yeah right) to prepare for Sunday Morning worship (Hallelujah). But I’m sitting here SINGLE (sorta), alone, lonely and a little frustrated wondering what I’m going to get into for the evening. Perhaps…

1) Prayer and meditation? Naw….
2) Feed the hungry? Naw….
3) Visit the sick and shut in? Naw…
4) Hollyweird Ministry? Nam…
5) Downtown community meeting?... Naw…

I want to go to the movies and see Roll Bounce or Flight Plan. I think I’m still trying to celebrate my birthday. I have 28 more days of celebration left. Shut it up, you heathens celebrate longer then that lol…

Now, isn’t it just like God to make you face the very thing you find yourself runnin your mouth (so-called preachin) about. I’ll be dang if I didn’t just talk about how we need to focus on ourselves and yet I’m sitting here wondering why so and so hasn’t called me back or trying to figure out who I’m going to call to go to the movies with me.

Well sometimes we just need to practice what we preach. Unfortunately tonight is NOT one of those times. I’m going out, I’ll see yall at church in the morning and you better not be late.

Let the church say amen…..

Friday, September 30, 2005

Get Right Church and Lets Go Home

"Get right church and lets go home" is an old school song they use to sing back in the day at my church and today it reminds me of my life in some ways. I have a good friend (Miss Kang), who often tells me to get right with the Lord and then call her.

Ok so I lied. I said church was back on and yet I have not been here to deliver any sermons. Well the devil is a lie. Your Passa has been pretty absorbed in his own life but the WORD must go forth. As the governor of Cali would say "I'M BACK"

Frist we will have our announcements:

As you all know, the Pastor recently celebrated his birthday and he wants to thank all those members who remembered him on his special day. The phone calls and birthday cards are greatly appreciated. A special thanks to the Starr member who travel from the east to come celebrate his birthday along with the Pastors. A good time was had by all, Lost Angels will never be the same. Hello Los Angeles...

Birthday Wishes go out to the following members

August: Dirty Red, Stelo and Moon Head

September: Foxworth Brown, Brutha Rev, Light Bright (Rev's oldest), Starr, the Rev-ver-Rent himself, Roomie P, G-Lo (Rev's Bestest Homie).

In other news, the Pastor and FL are no more.... (wouldn’t that be an interesting announcement in your local church weekly bulletin). And Hell NO he doesn’t want to talk about it with you damn nosy ass Saints/aints. Yall know all yall want to do is hear the gossip (not the gospel) and go run and tell somebody. Well it ain’t going to happen.

And now a Solo from the Rev-ver-rent him self: “I Almost Let Go”

But I’m yet holding on.

Well it’s good to see yall in church this morning. I think I saw most of yall out at the club last night so wake da hell up. It's preaching time. Today’s sermon is “Focus on yourself”. As hard as it is for me to admit it one of the biggest problems I have is dealing with myself. It’s always easier to deal with others problems but in the long run I find that I am ignoring my own issues. Things I have recently learned:

1) You can’t help others until you help yourself. That’s why they tell you to put our mask on first in an airplane.

2) You can’t love someone else until you learn to love yourself.

3) You can’t expect from other that which you yourself don’t practice.

One of the most difficult things to do is to learn to be pleased with who you are and if you are not pleased to make the necessary changes that will allow you to be. If its true that God loves us just the way we are then who the hell are we to question what God created. Oh don’t get me wrong, I know that we all have some shit (oops) in our lives that we need to get rid of but this self hatred is counter productive. We have to learn to focus on ourselves. Be the best you that you can be. Touch your neighbor and say “Just be YOU”. Well that my lesson in life and that’s my sermon. Yall come back now ya hear…

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Welcome Back

Ok you know how sometimes you get tired of going to church and you would rather go to the beach or stay home in bed and just watch TBN well LTCSA has been on vacation but we're back now. I told yall this is not your ordinary church.

So whats been going on in the church since last we met?

We've had a few graduates in our congregation and we want to wish then well in their new endeavors. Light Bright graduated college and is headed for the workforce. Congrats LB. And the writer graduated from high school and is headed to college congrats writer.

The 1st laydee booked a national commerical and was actually seen on the boobtube. Way to go FL.

Your Pastor has been on a revival. Not exactly preaching in church but rather on the streets, in the clubs and at the bars. Gives new meaning going out to the highway and byways. It was a revival of a different sort. Ok I've been gettin my groove on hanging out and having a good time hence NO church service.

I'm back. Will have a juicy word for us at he next service. Be sure to be there.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Blessings from a Father’s Heart…

I’m sitting here at work this morning reflecting on the blessings of this weekend. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the dad’s.

I’m blessed to have known my Father and Dad, although he departed when I was a lad.
I’m blessed that impressions were left on my mind, impressions that won’t be deleted with time.
I’m blessed to be the father of three, three gifts from above I’m thankful to thee.
I’m blessed that they are my joy and my pride, I’ve held them real close and they’ve stuck by my side.
I’m blessed that when I get to look in their eyes, their greatest I see and my heart simply cries.
I’m blessed when my spirit is down and low, just one thought of my gifts and I’m ready to go.
I’m blessed that they are not just children of mine, but children of God’s placed in his family line.
I’m blessed that they love God with all of their heart, it helps that we spared not the rod on their part.
I’m blessed that someday when from here I am gone, as I think of my children I’ll think one job well done.
I’m blessed that they’ve grown up so beautiful and fast, one thing to be sure of dear Dads love will last.

Blessings from a Father's Heart...

Know Prayer, Know Power - No Prayer, No Power

Good Morning Church. From time to time I get emails at work that request that I pass them on. I copied this one and wanted to share it this morning in service. Passing it on......


You never know when GOD is going to bless you!! Good
things happen when you least expect them to !!!!!!!!
Change the number in the subject box when you forward
it by adding one!!!

Dear Lord, I thank You for this day. I thank You for
my being able to see and to hear this morning. I'm
blessed because You are a forgiving God and an
understanding God. You have done so much for me and
You keep on blessing me. Forgive me this day for
everything I have done, said or thought that was not
pleasing to you. I ask now for Your forgiveness.
Please keep me safe from all danger and harm. Help me
to start this day with a new attitude and plenty of
gratitude. Let me make the best of each and every day
to clear my mind so that I can hear from You. Please
broaden my mind that I can accept all things. Let me
not whine and whimper over things I have no control
over. And it's the best response when I'm pushed
beyond my limits. I know that when I can't pray, You
listen to my heart. Continue to use me to do Your
will. Continue to bless me that I may be a blessing to
others. Keep me strong that I may help the weak...
Keep me uplifted that I may have words of
encouragement for others. I pray for those that are
lost and can't find their way. I pray for those that
are misjudged and misunderstood. I pray for those who
don't know You intimately. I pray for those that will
delete this without sharing it with others. I pray for
those that don't believe, but I thank you that I
believe. I believe that God changes people and God
changes things.
I pray for all my sisters and brothers. For each and every family
member in their households. I pray for peace, love and joy in their
homes that they are out of debt and all their needs are met. I pray
that every eye that reads this knows there is no problem, circumstance,
or situation greater than God. Every battle is in Your hands for You to
I pray that these words be received into the hearts of every eye that sees
If you prayed this prayer, change the number in the
subject box before forwarding the message so people
can SEE how many people have done so.
God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!

Just repeat this phrase and see how
God moves!! God I love you and I need you, come into
my heart, please. Pass this message to 8 people except
you and me. You will receive a miracle tomorrow Don't
ignore and God will bless you.
Know that you are already blessed by the person who
sent this to you.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Seek and Ye Shall Find...

Prasie the Lord Saints, welcome to another exciting filled service at Let the Church Say Amen. I would say Spirit-Filled but then we would have to decide exactly what spirit was doin the filling. Say amen somebody. I'm so glad that yall came out today. I trust that yall had a wonderful productive week and all that kinda crap. Oops did I say crap.

Well first off, we want to wish a Happy Birthday to one of our newest members 604 and to all the members in the June Calender Club. Be sure to turn your pledges in. N E wayz, (thats right N E WAYZ) we're going to skip with the rest of the annoucnements and the singing for that matter. Choir yall can take your seats. Sat down. Lets us now hear a word from our sponsor. ME!!!

You know how people say be careful what you ask for/look for, cuz you just might get it/find it. Or if you go snooping around you may see something you don't really want to see or find out something you really don't want to know. Tell me something, if you had the chance to really know what someone thought about you would you want to know. What if that someone was the closest person in your life? Say your spouse or significant other. Do you really know what they think about you or do you only know what they tell you? You know what you think they think about you.

Well today I want to speak to you briefly from the subject "Seek and Ye Shall Find". Let the Church say amen!!!

Seek, and, Ye, shall find. Can I get a witness? But I gotta caution you as you go thru life seeking, before you find, a, a, a, raa, you better make sure that you are prepared for the zone. TYNAS Zone. (TYNAS = touch your neighbor and say). Not the twilight zone, but rather the discovery zone. A place I just happened to have tip toed into last night. See see see see see, I discovered some interesting information last night. Not bad, not hurtful, not even critical, just HONEST thoughts someone significant has about me but proabably would never share them face to face with me. It made we wonder, how often do we do that? Say behind someones back what we really feel but in their face we smile and say the things that are only comfortable. Are you honest with your friends, loved ones, special ones?

I gotta be honest and say at first I was a lil pisssssted when I first stumbled across (snooped) this information. But then I was reminded, don't ask questions that you dont really want to know the answers to. And dont go reading shyt oops, I mean things that are not meant for your eyes. Seek, and you will find. The truth, you can't handle the truth. Next time I think I'll just close the program and always always always remember to log off of whatever you are doing before you allow someone to use your computer.

Well thats my Sermon, and that's all I gotta say.


Sunday, June 12, 2005

Bedside Baptist

Let the church say amen. Let the church say amen again. This is a day that the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it.

I was glad alright. Its Sunday night and for the first time in a long time I attended another church today. Saturday night started feeling like I was coming down with a cold. Throat was sore and I was feeling kind of achy. By morning it was clear that the sermon for today would be delivered by Rev. Sheets. Deacon Pillows was at his post and for the first time I can remember in sometime I stayed home from church. Slept most of the day, and now I'm feeling a little better. We'll see about work tomorrow.

Spent the day with the real first laydee (my Boo). Was nice being pampered but the truth is I'm the kind of sicky who likes to be left alone when I'm not feeling well. But I accpeted the kindness with appreciation that someone wanted to make sure that I was ok. Ok I liked being babied. Started barking orders of get me this or that. Mean while the first laydee decided to leave bedside baptist and go out and do community service at that local jail. I went back to sleep.

Truth is, I do so much running around between work and family, and church and friends (social life), God knows just how to slow me down. So in retrospect, LORD I THANK YOU, for a day of rest. Its the simple things in life that we should remember to be grateful for.

Well I see the congregation is gettin restless, so I better give the benediction. May the Lord watch between you and me, when we are absent one from another.

Let the church say amen.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome

Well, today I finally did it. No more just reading blogs for me. Now I finally have my own blog. Let the church say amen. I just wanted to say welcome, welcome, welcome. You're welcome once, you're welcome twice, you're welcome in the name of Jesus Christ. Don'tcha just love it.

First give and honor to God and to all the saints (and ain'ts) at Let the Church Say Amen (LTCSA) Missionary Baptist Church of God in Chirst of the Latter day Saints of Non-Denominational Full Gospel Ministries etc... etc... etc..., again I say Welcome. I am the self appointed Founder, Pastor, Deacon, Musician, Usher, and everybody else of this newly formed cyber church called "LET THE CHURCH SAY AMEN". Everybody can just call me Rev-er-rent.

As you can see we (its really ME, but you always say we in church) are starting a new Church here. This is a church that REALLY believes in keeping it real. But let me warn you now, this is NOT a church for everyone. All you so holier then thou , so heavenly minded that you 're no earthly good, so serious minded you forget to smile and just enjoy life Saints, please DON'T sit down, DO NOT relax or take your Spiritual shoes off, DO NOT tip toe to the spiritual refrigerator cuz at this church we're going to talk about all the stuff you want to say in church but couldn't.

Now having said that, all joking aside, NO I'm not a real pastor nor is this intended to be a serious religious forum. I'm just a every Sunday go to church meeting kinda guy who indeed really loves the Lord and NO ONE can take that from me unless you have a heaven or a hell to put me in. I DON’T think so. So I will be sharing my life and life experiences from a churchy (yeah I said Church-ie) perspective.

You will get to meet the real members of Let the Church Say Amen as they show their raggedy asses up in Church. Oops, did I just say that? Yeah again some stuff you want to say but know u can’t. Let the church say amen.

I want to thanks some of the charter members of our church (and the first members you will get to meet cuz they always come to church just to see what people are wearing and keep the mess up) for inspiring me to start writing again. First to Ms. Foxworth who tends to think he’s the First Laydee of LTCSA but it ain’t so (touch your neighbor and say it ain’t so) cuz you know that chile CAN’T sing and you know the first LAYDEE has to be able to sang. And then to the Starr (who is the real writer) and wanna be choir director and yall know what’s up with them damn choir directors, I love yall both. Reading your blogs have made me laugh and cry and just be damn glad that yall are in my life. And then there’s Dr Red. Yo Doc, you got time for an appointment? Holla…
The Assistant Pastor is someone we call Pres. He comes to church off and on. But we keep him in the Asst seat cuz urrybody loves Pres.

Well as I see it, its time to take up the offering and get the hell outta here and go get a drink (all that means is I'm about to get off work and start my weekend). (*Music starts playing “You Can’t Beat God Giving*). I gotta watch these fools yall know how it is when you passin the plate.

Well I will see yall at the Wednesday noon prayer. Until then… Just Let the Church Say Amen.